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This website contains a list of all Pokémon stats including their name, generation, damage against all types, their type, and more. Pokémon information is placed below in a helpful table to help you understand the stats of Sewaddle. Sewaddle is a Gen 5 Pokémon, and belongs to the bug type.


Sewaddle Stats

Below is a table of stats for Sewaddle. Pokémon stats are found all across the internet, and collected by thousands of people to create these helpful guides.


Sewaddle Stat table


Sewaddle Attack against Bug: 2


Sewaddle Attack against Dark: 1


Sewaddle Attack against Dragon: 1


Sewaddle Attack against Electric: 0.5


Sewaddle Attack against Fairy: 1


Sewaddle Attack against Fight: 0.5


Sewaddle Attack against Flying: 4


Sewaddle Attack against Ghost: 1


Sewaddle Attack against Grass: 0.25


Sewaddle Attack against Ground: 0.25


Sewaddle Attack against Ice: 2


Sewaddle Attack against Normal: 1


Sewaddle Attack against poison: 2


Sewaddle Attack against psyshic:


Sewaddle Attack against Rock: 2


Sewaddle Attack against Steel: 1


Sewaddle Attack against Water: 0.5


Sewaddle Attack : 53


Sewaddle Base egg steps:


Sewaddle Base happiness: 70


Sewaddle Base total: 310


Sewaddle Capture rate 255


Sewaddle Class: Sewing Pokémon


Sewaddle Defense: 70


Sewaddle Expereince growth: 1059860


Sewaddle Height (m): 0.3


Sewaddle HP: 45


Sewaddle Japanese name: Kurumiruクルミル


Sewaddle Male percentage: 50


Sewaddle pokedex_number: 540


Sewaddle SP. Attacked: 40


Sewaddle SP. Defence: 60


Sewaddle Speed: 42


Sewaddle Type: bug


Sewaddle Type 2: grass


Sewaddle Weight KG: 2.5


Sewaddle Generation: 5


Sewaddle Legendary: 0


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