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We create Compelling content which fuels gamers.

Gaming culture coverage

Gaming is more than just picking up a controller. We understand that gaming is a lifestyle, a hobby, a job, and a world to escape mundane life. We report on the latest news, gossip and culutre news.

Complete gaming tutorials

Elitegamerinsights write what we call Ultimate Guides. Tutorials which include everything you will ever need to complete that confusing quest, get that new gun, or boost that KD.

We love what we do

Really, we do. EGI was founded in April 2023, and since then we've created over 145 guides, 20+ short-form videos, and countless interactions online. We love helping gamers.

EGI team
Who are we?

EliteGamerInsights (EGI) is your digital home for all things gaming. Established in April 2023 by a dynamic duo of gaming enthusiasts, EGI stands as a testament to our passion for interactive entertainment and our commitment to empowering gamers everywhere. We're much more than a typical gaming website – we're a friendly community, a virtual classroom, and your go-to news hub, all rolled into one engaging platform.

Our founders, once just two gamers with a dream, poured their love for video games into the creation of EGI. They understood the hurdles every gamer encounters - the strategy uncertainties, the tough bosses, the elusive Easter eggs - and with that understanding, EliteGamerInsights was born. We're driven by the belief that gaming is an art form to be shared, a puzzle to be solved, and a story to be told, so we're here to ensure that no gamer ever has to face their virtual challenges alone.

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Nothing gets us excited like a new project.

From early access, to reviews and guest posting, lets work together.

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