KD Calculator - Calculate Your Kill / Death Ratio

12 August 2023

K/D Calculator

Use our KD Calculator to calculate your Kill / Death (K/D) Ratio in video games such as Call of Duty.

Your K/D is

KD Calculator

Our kill death ratio calculator helps you track your performance in multiplayer games. Input your kills, deaths, and assists to see your KDR. The calculator works both ways – enter your target K/D to see how many more kills you need.

Are K/D Ratios important?

In the grand scheme of things, no your K/D is not important, as long as you’re having fun in the video game of your choice, but if you’re a competitive player, tracking your K/D is a great indicator to understand how well you are performing.

How to use our K/D calculator

To use the K/D Calculator, simply enter your number of kills and your number of deaths to display your K/D Ratio.

What’s the difference between K/D and K/D/A?

When evaluating performance in team-based games, KDA provides a more holistic metric than KD. While KD ratio only factors kills and deaths, KDA also incorporates assists.

By including assists, KDA better captures a player’s overall contribution, not just their solo killing power. For this reason, KDA tends to be higher than or equal to KD for any given player.

For players who excel at supporting their team, the difference between the two ratios can be quite pronounced. Ultimately, if you want to measure how well a player helps their team achieve objectives, KDA is a superior statistic to KD.

How to calculate your K/D ratio?

When assessing performance in competitive games, KD and KDA provide two useful metrics. KD ratio is calculated by simply dividing total kills by total deaths. So if a player gets 10 kills and 5 deaths in a match, their KD would be 2. A KD of 1 indicates an equal number of kills and deaths.

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KDA provides a more comprehensive performance measure by also factoring in assists. The KDA formula is (kills + assists) divided by deaths. Assists are important to include because they demonstrate a player’s broader contribution to the team’s success through damage dealt and enabling kills, even if they did not land the final blow. A higher KDA ratio compared to KD generally indicates a player who excels at teamwork and support roles. While KD focuses strictly on solo killing power, KDA better captures overall gameplay impact.

Use our K/D Calculator to find your K/D

If you don’t know your K/D, but know your Kills and Deaths, you can use our K/D calculator to find your Kill to Death ratio.

How to calculate Call of Duty K/D ratio

In Call of Duty, you can easily check your Kill / Death (K/D) Ratio. Follow these steps to view your K/D:

  1. Press the Pause button from the main lobby screen
  2. Scroll to “Stats”, and click into the menu
  3. Select the game mode you wish to check stats for, in Call of Duty this typically ranges from Multiplayer, Resurgence, WZ & DMZ.
  4. Tap the left or right trigger to view your all-time K/D or most recent 10 games K/D.

If for some reason you cannot see your K/D, you can use our calculator to figure out your K/D – just input your Kills and Deaths to see your K/D.

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