Call of Duty MWIII Reveal - What To Expect

All reveal details about Call of Duty MWIII, including dates, times, and launch features.

15 August 2023


Published: 15th August 4:13PM

What is MWIII?

The next instalment in the Call of Duty Series, Modern Warfare III (3), commonly known as MWIII. MWIII is a continuation of the current Call of Duty Modern Warfare series, where you’ll see the likes of Soap, Price and other fan favourites in the campaign. Modern Warfare first launched in 2009, and since has become one of the main series in the Call of Duty heritage.


When is The MWIII Reveal?

Activision are set to reveal MWIII on 17th August, 1:30 PM ET / 10:30 AM PT / 6:30 PM BST. The reveal will take place in-game, so be sure to have MWII booted up and ready to go, to make sure you do not miss the reveal of the game.

This is the first time Activision will revealed a new game in such a way, and it’s definitely something new, fresh and exciting for lovers of the CoD series.

We know that the most recent Call of Duty games have been riddled with bugs, glitches and menus that are below par – so let’s hope this works out, or the reveal of MWIII may explode in the faces of the developers.

When does MWIII Come out?

Modern Warfare III is set to release on the 10th of November – no different to any other Call of Duty. Typically releasing in early November, it is no surprise that Call of Duty MWIII will release following the same pattern.

Will MWIII have Zombies?

Rumors are circulating about a potential Zombies mode for the upcoming Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, though Activision has yet to confirm any details. According to leaks reported by Insider Gaming, Modern Warfare 3 could feature a new Zombies experience similar to Outbreak mode from Black Ops Cold War.

The leaks suggest the new Zombies mode will allow players to explore an open map, departing from the traditional round-based survival format. Insider Gaming speculates this map could be the rumoured Warzone 2 location Las Almas.

While a fan-favourite, round-based Zombies is not expected to return until Treyarch’s next Call of Duty instalment in 2024.

There are also rumours Activision has discussed releasing Modern Warfare 3 Zombies as a standalone free-to-play game separate from the premium title. However, these are unverified leaks from anonymous sources.

Fans eager for more Zombies action should keep an eye out for official details from Activision on what to expect in Modern Warfare 3. But for now, the Zombies mode remains unconfirmed.

How Much will MWIII Cost?

Players are unhappy with the price-tag of MWIII, many of which see it as more of an expansion of Call of Duty MWII as opposed to a brand new game. Running on the same engine, posing seemingly only small changes in core gameplay, many fans feel ripped off by the price-tag.

MWIII will sit around the $70 / £60 price-point, similar to most new triple-A launches. Is that too much? We think so.

Minimap – is it back in MWIII?

Video game publisher Activision is reportedly bringing back the mini-map feature for its upcoming release Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III. The mini-map, which displays opponent locations when they fire unsilenced weapons, was originally introduced 16 years ago but was controversially removed by developer Infinity Ward for 2022’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II.


According to leaks from an anonymous insider on the Call of Duty news site Charlie Intel, the red dot mini-map will return in Modern Warfare III after players complained about its removal.

Infinity Ward had claimed the mini-map punished players for firing weapons, but its return suggests the developer is listening to feedback from hardcore fans. Along with the mini-map, Modern Warfare III is also rumored to reintroduce the slide canceling maneuver that allows quicker movement. The return of these fan-favorite features in the next Call of Duty installment shows the franchise is aiming to appeal to its core player base.

Confirmed by Charlie Intel on twitter:

Is Slide Cancelling back in MWIII?

The slide-cancel technique allows players to move swiftly around the map while making themselves a difficult target. To execute a slide-cancel, start sprinting and then quickly tap crouch twice to initiate a slide. Before the slide slows you down, jump to cancel the animation while maintaining your momentum.

Mastering the precise timing of the slide and jump allows advanced players to zip across the map at high speeds and evade enemy fire during engagements. Slide-cancelling is an essential skill to boost mobility and evasiveness in Call of Duty multiplayer.

Slide-cancelling is rumoured to return in MWIII. It’s in the early build, but may be removed.

Will Skins carry across to from MWII to MWIII?

Yes, MWII skins will carry to MWIII – reinforcing the fact that the visual aspect of MWIII will see no major improvements.


It’s been stated that all maps in MWIII are currently remastered from the original Modern Warfare. Some players are excited for this, but many also believe it to be a lazy attempt at creating a new game against time restraints. Many of the MWII maps saw some fierce backlash over their gameplay mechanics – maybe this is the developers way of playing it safe.

MWIII Leaked Details

Ready for more? Check out our post detailing all of the MWIII leaks so far.



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