Call of Duty MWIII Settings Explained

22 November 2023


Published: 22nd November 9:30PM

Wondering how to find the best MWIII Settings? We’ve got you. Unlike the old days, Call of Duty Games, and any FPS game worth it’s salt will have a plethora of settings, and the list of settings continues to grow with new releases, advancements and updated features. Call of Duty is no different, with hundreds (we’re not kidding) of settings to change, toggle and update, it can be a headache knowing what to change and what to leave as it is. We’ve been playing Call of Duty for years, and we’ve done the hard work so you don’t have to. This guide explains each setting and which settings to change to get the most competitive experience out of the game.

MWIII Call of Duty Settings

To preface this, let me clarify that these settings are best aimed at Call of Duty MWIII Multiplayer and Zombies, not Warzone. For Warzone tips, head here. Your settings might not suit me, and mine may not suit you, but they’ll be a good place to start.

MWIII Call of Duty Settings

How to get to settings

  1. Press “Pause”,
  2. Use the Right Bumper to scroll to the Settings cog
  3. Click on “Quick Settings”, or any setting you want to change.

Quick settings

Quick settings are the most common settings and the settings you’ll change most in MWIII. Quick settings are things like stick sensitivity, mouse sensitivity, brightness, etc.

Horizontal Stick Sensitivity

What is it? MWWII Description:

Defines how much stick movement affects in-game aim. This affects the horizontal axis only.

Edit button layout

What is it?

Opens in a new tab. Assign buttons to new actions. Really useful if you want to bind reload to to a different button, or move the crouch buttons to the stick, for example.

Aiming input device


  • Controller
  • Mouse

What is it? MWWII Description:

Defines how much stick movement affects in-game aim. This affects the Vertical axis only.

Vertical stick sensitivity

What is it? MWWII Description:

Choose either Controller or the Mouse to aim during gameplay.

Note: During gameplay, all inputs unrelated to aim can be used from any device. In the menus, any input device can be used.

Stick layout preset


  • Default
  • Southpaw
  • Legacy
  • Legacy Southpaw
  • Southpaw no click wap
  • Legacy southpaw no click swap

What is it? MWWII Description:

Highlighted controls represent change from the default layout.

Mouse Sensitivity

What is it? MWWII Description:

Defines how much mouse movement affects aim during gameplay. This setting affects both horizontal and vertical sensitivity.

Note: Raw mouse input is taken directly and is not related to frame rate.


What is it? MWWII Description:

Adjust the brightness of game graphics.

Does not affect the interface. (Menus and heads-up display).

Master volume

What is it? MWWII Description:

Adjust the global volume.

Settings Quick tips for MWIII

MWIII Call of Duty Settings

High sensitivity isn’t always best

Sometimes a slower sensitivity in Call of Duty is actually best. You need to find the sweetspot between speed and accuracy. One of the best ways to improve your aim is to decrease your horizontal and vetical stick sensitivity. The average sensitivity for most players sits between 0.60-1.20.

If you find that your aim is a little off, try gradually reducing your stick sensitivity in settings until it feels right.

Increase your FOV in MWIII

Since MWII and Warzone 2 (now Warzone), the game has had an FOV slider which can be increased or decreased from 60-120. Increase your FOV to at least 90, but ideally 120. The higher your Field of View, the more you can see on the screen at any given time, which means you’ll be more likely to see your opponents.

MWIII Call of Duty Settings

Colour blind settings

Even if you aren’t colour blind, changing this setting will change the colour of icons, text and make certain things easier to see.

MWIII Aim assist

MWIII Aim assist was nerfed into the ground. The default setting for MWIII aim assist is weak and does not provide “slow-down” when aiming near a target. We suggest chanign your aim assist to “Black ops” Which provides a stronger slow-down while aiming near a target. Black Ops aim assist improves your accuracy in MWIII.

MWIII Graphics settings

Arguably the second most important settings in MWIII (second to sensitivity) would be the graphic settings in the game. We suggest turning film grain off entirely – setting it to 0. Disable all forms of motion blur and enable depth of field.

Improve your K/D with audio settings

Actually, you may want to reduce your master volume in Call of Duty. Make sure you change your Audio mix to “Headphones” to improve directional audio in the game. Directional audio in MWIII helps you guess the direction enemies are coming from. Now this is personal preference, but I’d also suggest changing your hitmarker sound to MW – the nostalgia makes the game all that more fun to play when you’re mowing down your opponents.



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