Call of Duty: Warzone Season 6: The Haunting Unleashed

21 September 2023


Published: 21st September 9:47PM

The Haunting Arrives in Warzone

Prepare for frightening thrills, the shambling undead, squad hunts to take down grotesque monsters, and those infamous jump-scares as The Haunting returns to Call of Duty in Season 6! The Hellmouth has opened, spilling unearthly creatures from the underworld, and a creeping terror is slowly swallowing all souls as it infects the entirety of Al Mazrah, reaching the blood-red canals of Vondel, and beyond!

Operation Nightmare

Firstly, it appears a clandestine group known as the Dark Ritual Operators have located and opened a terrifying Hellmouth. After the gate’s seals were ripped apart, a cacophony of otherworldly gurgling resounded, before a veritable panoply of the grotesque poured forth from their opened prison…

All Operators should ready themselves for Operation Nightmare and prepare to battle and repel these aberrant threats!

Fortunately, in the ensuing chaos, the Dark Ritual Operators left the gate open in time for backup to arrive in the form of Spawn, the hellacious antihero who is now tasked with sending these monsters and their ilk back to the underworld.

The Haunting event officially begins at mid-season, bringing Halloween-themed maps, modes, events and more across both games. Prepare for spine-chilling scares and ferocious battles ahead at launch with the release of four new Multiplayer maps, a Battle Pass stocked with devilishly entertaining new Operators and Weapon Blueprints, and more.

Welcome to Season 6 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II and Call of Duty: Warzone, launching on September 27 at 9 AM PT across all platforms. Although the haunting update comes mid-season.

Expect Patch Notes from Infinity Ward and Raven Software to be available prior to the release of Season 06.


Operation Nightmare is a GO: Coming at mid-season, investigate eldritch anomalies across the map, and face a host of monstrous targets as you gradually clear a Bounty board of otherworldly terrors!

Welcome to Vondead: A demonic incantation unleashed an uncontained zombie outbreak across Vondel. The undead have ravaged the streets under a blood-red moon. Shocking secrets are waiting to be discovered!

Zombie Royale is back for both maps: Tear into this infamous limited-time mode at mid-season, with all-new innovations but the same chaotic premise — return to battle as a fast-moving Zombie. Survive, or get eaten!

Zombie Ghost Operator in The Haunting

Lockdown returns, otherworldly loot, and events: Head to Vondel for more Lockdown action. You can gather Souls for in-game rewards, and prepare for plenty of jump scares, eldritch equipment, and much more.

The Haunting: Operation Nightmare (Al Mazrah, Mid-Season)

Operators within the Al Mazrah AO, listen up! After the Hellmouth incident, we have alarming reports at increasing frequency of several eldritch hot spots appearing. You are to investigate these anomalies as Operation Nightmare officially begins on October 17. The following recon has been obtained to offer a glimpse at the chaos to come:

The Haunting Al Mazrah Zaya Observatory
  • Mission parameters: Entities have been detected throughout the AO, and the [[REDACTED]] of each encounter will be referenced on your Tac-Map. You must investigate each location and eliminate the Most Wanted Target, as well as any other hostiles.
  • Initial recon: A bounty has been offered on a number of [[REDACTED]] targets, and rewards for exceptional bravery may result in [[REDACTED]], as well as a Mastery Weapon Blueprint. Unconfirmed reports state that the following apocryphal activities have been observed:
  • An ancient tomb complex has also been unearthed [[REDACTED]], hieroglyphs, and [[REDACTED]] entity known as The Pharaoh has been [[REDACTED]].
  • Witnesses report seeing strange lights and [[REDACTED]] in the night sky over [[REDACTED]], though unidentified anomalous phenomenon (UAP) has [[REDACTED]] or orbs.
  • Encounters with a spectral [[REDACTED]], seemingly accessible [[REDACTED]], with Operator vehicles necessary to [[REDACTED]], moving at a rapid pace.
  • Unconfirmed [[REDACTED]], further into the swamp, where [[REDACTED]] abomination known as the Swamp Creature, though [[REDACTED]] non-standard armaments.
  • Observers in the [[REDACTED]] region describe a glowing, wisp-like ethereal [[REDACTED]], multiple hostiles [[REDACTED]] Evil Spirits.
  • Outside the stone walls [[REDACTED]] platforms of particular concern, [[REDACTED]] the Altars of Lilith, [[REDACTED]] Nightmare Portal [[REDACTED]] codenamed The Butcher. This influence may extend to the Vondel AO.
The Haunting

The Haunting: Vondead (Vondel, Mid-Season)

A city once known for its cultural richness and scenic beauty has transformed into an urban nightmare. Now called Vondead, this eerie location is home to many dark secrets. Here’s a glimpse of what’s to come in Vondead:

Season 6 The Haunting Vondel Vondead
  • Vondead Subways: Explore the creepy underground tunnels of Vondead Subways, where darkness and danger lurk around every corner. Be prepared to face the unexpected as you navigate this subterranean labyrinth.
  • Halloween Events: Participate in special Halloween-themed events across Vondead.
  • War Tracks: In Vondead, you’ll have access to exclusive War Tracks that set the mood for this chilling environment. Keep an ear out for these haunting tunes as you roam the city.
  • Battle Pass: Dive into the Season 6 The Haunting Battle Pass and unlock a variety of new content. This includes Operators, Weapon Blueprints, and more. Don’t miss out on the sinister cosmetic items inspired by the horrors of Vondead.
  • Zombie Royale: The fan-favorite mode returns to Vondead with a new twist. Battle against other undead players and try to stay alive as long as you can. Collect zombie syringes to come back to life and continue the hunt.
  • Lockdown Mode: Experience Lockdown in Vondead, where you’ll need to survive against waves of undead creatures. Team up with your squad, fortify your position, and fight for your life in this intense limited-time mode.
Vondel lockdown Season 6 the haunting
  • Jump Scares: Keep your guard up as you explore Vondead. You never know when a jump scare might catch you off guard. This adds an extra layer of terror to your Warzone experience.

Season 6 The Haunting Battle Pass

With the launch of Season 06, a new Battle Pass arrives. It is filled with spine-tingling rewards and Operators ready to take on the horrors of The Haunting. Finally, Here’s a look at what you can expect:

  • New Operators: Unlock two new Operators, Caden “Spectre” Baker and Elara “Viper” Kant, each with their own unique look and backstory.
Spectre Operator Season 6 The Haunting
  • Weapon Blueprints: Discover a range of haunting Weapon Blueprints throughout the Battle Pass.
  • Vehicle Skins: Customize your vehicles with eerie Vehicle Skins, including the “Vondead” Skin for the Cargo Truck.
  • Emblems and Stickers: Collect spooky Emblems and Stickers to add a touch of horror to your profile.
  • XP Tokens: Earn XP Tokens to level up your Battle Pass and unlock even more rewards.
  • Tier Skips: Purchase Tier Skips to progress through the Battle Pass faster and access high-value rewards sooner.

Prepare for Season 6 The Haunting

Get ready to face the horrors of The Haunting in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II and Warzone Season 06. Whether you’re exploring the eerie streets of Vondead, or unlocking chilling rewards in the Battle Pass, there’s something for every Operator brave enough to join the fight. Additionally, stay tuned for more details on the event start date and additional content coming throughout the season. Get your squad together, gear up, and prepare to confront the unknown horrors that await!

This is just a glimpse of what The Haunting has in store for Season 06. Stay tuned for more information. Be prepared for a season filled with thrilling events, terrifying encounters, and devilishly good rewards. The Haunting begins on October 17, so mark your calendars and get ready for a hauntingly good time!

Also, if you are interested in keeping up to date on all Call of Duty information, check out our Call of Duty section. Although, if you’re looking for more in-depth information on the Haunting in MWII, check out our article here. However, if you want to know how to turn off the jumpscare feature, we’ve got you covered.



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