Creating Basic Maps and Player Maps – the ultimate guide

23 April 2023


Published: 23rd April 8:06PM

Minecraft maps are extremely useful. As a huge sandbox game that allows players to explore, build, and create in a virtually limitless 3D block universe, the map becomes a tool that cannot be replaced. The essential tool, which helps players navigate and track their surroundings. In this article, we will guide you through the process of creating both a basic map and a player map in Minecraft.

Creating a Basic Map in Minecraft

A basic map in Minecraft is an in-game item that displays your surroundings in a top-down view. To create a basic map, follow these steps:

Map in crafting table in minecraft
  1. Gather materials: To craft a basic map, you will need nine (8) pieces of paper and one (1) compass. Paper can be crafted from sugar cane, while a compass requires four (4) iron ingots and one (1) piece of redstone.
  2. Create paper: Place three (3) sugar cane pieces in a row on your crafting table. This will yield three (3) pieces of paper. Repeat this process until you have at least nine (9) pieces of paper.
  3. Craft a compass: Place the redstone piece in the center of the crafting grid, and arrange the iron ingots in a diamond shape around it.
  4. Craft the map: Place the compass in the center of the crafting grid, then surround it with eight (8) pieces of paper in the remaining slots. This will create an empty map.
  5. Activate the map: Right-click or tap on the empty map to activate it. The map will now display your current surroundings, with your player’s location marked by a small, white arrow.

Creating a Player Map in Minecraft

A player map is an enhanced version of a basic map that displays the locations of all players in a multiplayer game. To create a player map, follow these steps:

  1. Gather materials: You will need a basic map (created following the steps above) and eight (8) pieces of glass pane. Glass panes can be crafted from glass blocks, which are made by smelting sand in a furnace.
  2. Create glass panes: Place six (6) glass blocks in two horizontal rows on your crafting table to create sixteen (16) glass panes.
  3. Craft the player map: Place the basic map in the center of the crafting grid, then surround it with eight (8) glass panes in the remaining slots. This will create a player map.
  4. Activate the player map: Right-click or tap on the player map to activate it. The map will now display the locations of all players on the server, each represented by a different color icon.

Expanding and Cloning Maps

To increase the size of your map, simply surround it with eight (8) pieces of paper in the crafting grid. The map will expand, providing a broader view of your surroundings. You can repeat this process up to four times to create a maximum zoom level of 1:16.

If you want to create copies of your map to share with other players or keep as a backup, place the original map and an empty map (crafted with nine pieces of paper) in the crafting grid. This will produce a duplicate of the original map, retaining all data and markings.


Maps are invaluable tools in Minecraft, helping players navigate the vast landscape and stay connected in multiplayer environments. By crafting and using both basic and player maps, you can enhance your gameplay experience, explore the world with greater ease, and share your discoveries with fellow players. Happy mapping!



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