Defeating the Warden in Minecraft: Expert Tips for Victory

23 March 2023


Published: 23rd March 7:19PM

Are you looking to defeat the formidable Warden in Minecraft? Fear not, we have compiled the ultimate guide to help you take down the beastly warden and declare victory.

The Warden was added in the Minecraft 1.17 update, June 7, 2022. and is the strongest of them all. It is a blind mob that relies on sound to detect and attack players. It can deal significant damage with its powerful attacks, making it one of the most challenging mobs to defeat. However, with our expert tips, you’ll be able to slay the Warden and earn the spoils of victory.

Beware, the warden is a strong beast, prepare for battle

To give you a sense of his strength, the Warden takes 387 punches with bare hands to defeat him, that’s a lot. He has a total 500 HP points, while a diamond sword deals only 7 damage, meaning you’ll have to hit him a little over 70 times with your diamond sword in order to defeat him.

Before engaging in battle, make sure you are fully prepared. Below is a table of our suggested tools and armor to assist in defeating the warden.

Diamond Sword> Sharpness IV – Sharpness V preferred
Diamond HelmetProtection IV
Diamond ChestplateProtection IV
Diamond LeggingsProtection IV,
Diamond BootsProtection IV, Feather falling IV
Golden appleN/A
Potion of healingN/A

How to find the warden

The warden will only spawn in the Deep Dark biome, which is found deep underground. Deep Dark biomes are generally found at Y -40 to -50 but can be slightly above or below.

To spawn the warden, you must trigger 4 (four) sculk shriekers. Once you have activated all four, the Warden spawn is triggered, and he will emerge out of the ground near one of the four shrieker boxes.

Warden spawn video
Source: Fandom

The Warden’s attacks

The Warden is blind and uses sound to locate players.

Ranged attack

The warden has a ranged attack, which is the sonic boom, it will pass through all blocks and mobs, making the attack near impossible to dodge. The ranged attack is only used by the Warden if it cannot use its melee attack.

Melee attack

The warden’s melee attack can deal between 8-22.5 hearts of damage, making it a devastating attack to receive.

Methods to take down the warden

Now that we know the Warden deals catastrophic levels of damage, you must devise a plan to attack and defeat him.

Ranged Strat. One effective strategy for defeating the Warden is to use a bow. It is slow, so you can attack it from a distance without getting hit. Aim for the head to deal critical hits and maximize your damage. Make sure to keep your distance from the Warden while using this strategy, as it can still deal damage with its shockwave attacks.

Melee Strat. If you prefer melee combat, make sure to dodge the Warden’s attacks and strike back when it’s vulnerable. The Warden’s attacks are powerful, so make sure to time your attacks carefully to avoid getting hit. A diamond sword with sharpness V and fire aspect enchantments can be effective in taking down the Warden quickly.

Or, trap him!

You can also use traps to defeat the Warden. Place traps, like TNT, near its lair, and lure it towards them. Of course you can create a fancy redstone trap, but it may just be easier to use a pressure plate to trigger a boat-load of TNT to defeat him.


Once you defeat the Warden, he will drop a 5 XP orbs, and one Sculk Catalyst.

Oh, and the bragging rights of killing the strongest Minecraft mob, of course.



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