MWIII Has Been Hugely Successful for Call of Duty

29 November 2023


Published: 29th November 10:06PM

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (MWIII) has seen massive success since its launch in November 2023, despite some early criticism. Player engagement is at record levels and the game continues to rack up high sales and play hours. The return of popular maps like Shipment will likely boost momentum even further. Let’s dive into the stats and reasons behind MWIII’s triumph.

Call of Duty MWIII Riot shield

Gameplay Hours and Sales Remain Strong

MWIII broke player engagement records over its launch holiday weekend for a new premium Call of Duty title since 2019’s Modern Warfare. Specifically:

  • Players logged the most hours per player during a holiday opening weekend since 2019. This shows incredibly high engagement right out of the gate.
  • Sales numbers have also been robust. Despite some poor early reviews, fans still turned out in force to purchase the latest entry.

This defied expectations that criticism of the short 5-hour campaign and early negative headlines might hamper sales or playtime. But the opposite has proven true so far.

Multiplayer Success Overshadows Campaign Complaints

The brief single-player campaign earned complaints for only lasting around 5 hours. But the multiplayer component has been highly praised, leading to sustained engagement.

Specific positives around multiplayer include:

  • Solid map design and selection
  • Fun progression and unlock system
  • Overall smooth technical performance
  • Returning modes like Domination and Team Deathmatch

Fans are clearly having a blast leveling up weapons, competing in matches, and progressing through the addictive multiplayer ecosystem. This has offset negativity over the single player campaign.

Shipment Map Addition Boosts Hype

MWIII recently confirmed the beloved map Shipment will return to the rotation on November 30th. This has generated substantial excitement and will likely boost engagement even higher.

For context, Shipment is a tiny map first introduced in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. It’s known for its frantic, close-quarters combat. Fans have eagerly awaited its reintroduction.

Call of Duty MWIII

Benefits of adding Shipment back in include:

  • Provides a vastly different gameplay style from existing maps
  • Allows players to progress camo and weapon unlocks quicker
  • Adds more variety to the overall map pool

Given that players are already deeply engaged, Shipment will take participation to the next level upon release. It caters perfectly to current players thirsty for new content.

Annual Release Cadence Remains Successful

While some complain about Call of Duty’s yearly release schedule, MWIII shows this cadence hasn’t dampened success. Each new entry manages to hook fans old and new despite short 12-month development cycles.

MWIII in particular has posted strong play hours and sales compared to recent franchise history. Players clearly still eagerly anticipate these annual releases. And the developer has honed the process of delivering a polished product on short timeframes.

Going forward, the series shows no signs of abandoning yearly launches. And MWIII’s triumph suggests this strategy still works when done right. As long as quality and engagement hold up, Call of Duty will likely stick to this lucrative model. Fans continue turning out in force each November for their routine franchise fix.

What MWIII Means for Future of Franchise

MWIII confirms Call of Duty’s future remains bright. Some key implications from its victory:

  • Proves fan loyalty and interest remains incredibly high
  • Validates Infinity Ward’s modern warfare reboot trilogy
  • Sets solid engagement baseline for 2024 entry to build upon
  • Suggests some new elements like DMZ mode are worthy of expanding
  • Provides lessons for what fans want more (or less) of in future titles

Despite some flaws, MWIII has posted franchise best engagement metrics in key areas. This success implies Infinity Ward is onto something with Modern Warfare reboot formula. 2024’s entry has strong foundation to innovate upon.

2024 Game Has Added Development Time

The next Call of Duty releasing in 2024 has one distinct advantage over MWIII already – extra development time. MWIII was hampered by having only a 12-month production cycle.

But thanks to a 3-year rotation between lead studios, 2024’s game has already enjoyed over 2 years of work. This may allow fixing of some MWIII complaints like short campaign.

Areas that could improve with the additional dev time include:

  • Longer, more complex single player story
  • New multiplayer modes and deeper progression
  • Additional polish and quality of life enhancements
  • Next-gen only optimizations unconstrained by past gen

No Call of Duty game can please every fan. But an extended timeline suggests 2024’s entry could resolve some common MWIII criticisms. Players eagerly await what’s in store.

The Road Ahead Remains Bright for Franchise

Despite a few hiccups, MWIII has definitively proven Call of Duty remains more popular than ever. The reboot trilogy has brought immense success. And the road ahead looks bright for 2024’s entry and beyond.

Call of Duty has withstood the test of time by hooking fans year after year. MWIII proves the annual release cadence and modern warfare setting still deliver. Player enthusiasm and engagement couldn’t be healthier judging by performance metrics.

While future titles aren’t likely to be flawless, MWIII sets a new engagement bar to build upon. Players can expect innovation and attempts to perfect the established formula in 2024’s release.

For now MWIII continues racking up play hours and sales records. The addition of Shipment will only boost momentum further. While some complain Call of Duty stays the same each year, don’t expect this juggernaut franchise to slow down anytime soon based on MWIII’s resounding triumph.




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