Horses are coming to Rust Console in August

It's about time! Horses are coming to Rust CE - Console Edition.

15 August 2023


Published: 15th August 9:38PM

Transportation is an important aspect of survival in the game Rust. On large maps, walking everywhere can be slow and leave you vulnerable. One option for faster transportation is taming and riding horses. Here is an overview of how to use horses to get around the Rust world.

Horses Are Coming To Rust Console

Horses have been in the Public Test Branch for a while now, and were supposed to come in the wipe beginning August 2023, but were delayed for an unknown reason. Players were disappointed to learn that Horses weren’t coming to Rust CE, and they never received an explanation as to why. However, thankfully we are soon to see our favourite four-legged friends in the game!

It has been confirmed by Double Eleven that horses will arrive at the next Blueprint wipe, at the end of August 2023.

In the next wipe on Rust Console Edition, all blueprints will be wiped, which means players must start from the beginning. Rust contains three workbenches, each workbench containing better tools and weapons than the one before it – and it’s these tools that are being wiped.

Rust workbench levels

With the blueprint wipe, however, come horses. These Rust Console Horses will make it so much easier for wiped players to find scrap and begin progressing tables, which will almost guarantee that progression will happen much faster than it ever has before.

Taming a Horse

Before you can ride a horse, you first need to tame one. Horses spawn randomly across the map, especially in open fields and plains biomes. Approach one slowly and remain crouched to avoid startling it. Have food ready like vegetables, chicken, or red meat. Stand near the horse and use the food on it. This will begin the taming process. Keep using food until hearts appear above the horse’s head, indicating it is now tamed.

Give the horse a saddle so you can ride it. Craft a saddle with cloth and leather or find one in loot crates. Equip the saddle and interact with the horse to put it on. Now the horse is ready for you to ride!

Riding Your Horse

To mount your new horse, approach its side and hit the “Ride” button – X on XBOX, or SQUARE on Playstation. Your character will get on the horse. Now you can use the analog sticks to direct the horse around. It will run forward automatically, but you can guide it left or right.

Riding a horse is much faster than walking or swimming across the map. Horses can also jump up and over small obstacles.

To keep your horse healthy, make sure you do not jump from heights, as this will significantly hurt your neigh-neigh. I hope I don’t have to say this but don’t get it shot either – horses don’t appreciate being shot at.

Make sure to keep your horse fed with food like apples while riding it. If its hunger gets low, it will buck you off! A well-fed horse will be happy to carry you swiftly across the land.

Horse Stables in Rust

When you’re done exploring for the day, bring your horse back home and keep it safe in a stable. You can build a simple wooden stable using building plans. Set down a hammer, some wood, and rope in the build planner to craft the stable. Place the stable near your base and interaction with your horse near it to hitch it there.

Keep your horse stabled and fed to ensure it remains tamed. It will patiently wait there for your next grand adventure.

Rust Console Horse stable

We strongly suggest that you place your stable within a compound wall of your base, to ensure that it doesn’t get raided, and that your poor little horse doesn’t get stolen.

Use Horses to Travel Safely in Rust

Horses provide a huge mobility boost in the primitive world of Rust. Once tamed and saddled, they can greatly speed up overland travel and exploration. Keep your horse fed and happy, and enjoy safer journeys across the map on horseback. With a trusty steed, you’ll always have the upper hand on foot travel and arrive at your destination faster.

Horses are especially helpful if you need to move fast in Rust to counter a crate, heli or other lootable event




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