RUST Oilrig Locked Crate loot (PC & CE)

28 December 2023


Published: 28th December 10:37AM

Rust Oilrig has arguably the second best loot of any monument in Rust, thanks to the locked crate on Small oil and large oil. On PC and Console. Large Oilrig is a challenging monument which contains 22 scientists, plus the heavy scientists which land in a chinook once you trigger the locked crate event.

Rust oilrig with chinook arriving

Oilrig locked crate loot

Below is a graph of the loot inside of the locked crate at oilrig. As you can see, you’ll be most likely to find ammo, Tech trash and gun parts.

Pistol BulletAmmunition62 %
MLRS Aiming Module100 %Component50 %
Tech TrashComponent45 %
SMG BodyComponent45 %
Metal PipeComponent45 %
Rifle BodyComponent45 %
High Quality MetalResources45 %
JacketAttire33 %
Metal Chest Plate100 %Attire32 %
Targeting ComputerResources28 %
Metal Facemask100 %Attire26 %
5.56 Rifle AmmoAmmunition25 %
CCTV CameraResources23 %
Custom SMG100 %Weapon22 %
Thompson100 %Weapon22 %
Assault Rifle100 %Weapon20 %
Bolt Action Rifle100 %Weapon20 %
MP5A4100 %Weapon20 %
ExplosivesResources15 %
Reinforced Glass Window100 %Construction15 %
Armored Door100 %Construction14 %
Armored Double Door100 %Construction14 %
Weapon LasersightWeapon14 %
8x Zoom ScopeWeapon14 %
Timed Explosive ChargeTool14 %
M92 Pistol100 %Weapon14 %
Spas-12 Shotgun100 %Weapon14 %
12 Gauge BuckshotAmmunition14 %
Heavy Plate Pants100 %Attire13 %
Heavy Plate Jacket100 %Attire13 %
Heavy Plate Helmet100 %Attire13 %
Supply SignalTool7 %
RocketAmmunition6 %
Incendiary 5.56 Rifle AmmoAmmunition6 %
HV 5.56 Rifle AmmoAmmunition6 %
Explosive 5.56 Rifle AmmoAmmunition6 %
LR-300 Assault Rifle100 %Weapon4 %
M39 Rifle100 %Weapon4 %
L96 Rifle100 %Weapon3 %
16x Zoom ScopeWeapon3 %
HBHF Sensor100 %Electrical2 %
Prison Cell Wall100 %Construction2 %
Pump Shotgun100 %Weapon2 %
Semi-Automatic Rifle100 %Weapon2 %
Memory Cell100 %Electrical2 %
RF Broadcaster100 %Electrical2 %
Large MedkitMedical2 %
High Quality Horse Shoes100 %Attire2 %
Muzzle Boost100 %Weapon2 %
Coffee Can Helmet100 %Attire2 %
Small Generator100 %Electrical2 %
Large Rechargeable Battery100 %Electrical2 %
Metal BarricadeConstruction2 %
Garage Door100 %Construction2 %
Metal Vertical embrasure100 %Construction2 %
RAND Switch100 %Electrical2 %
Flame Thrower100 %Weapon2 %
Wind TurbineElectrical2 %
Search LightElectrical2 %
BootsAttire2 %
Metal horizontal embrasure100 %Construction2 %
Large Water CatcherConstruction2 %
Hazmat Suit100 %Attire2 %
Computer Station100 %Electrical2 %
Concrete BarricadeConstruction2 %
RF Transmitter100 %Tool2 %
High External Stone GateConstruction2 %
HolosightWeapon2 %
Python Revolver100 %Weapon2 %
LockerItems2 %
Modular Car LiftElectrical2 %
RF Pager100 %Electrical2 %
Water PumpElectrical2 %
Chainsaw100 %Tool2 %
Medical SyringeMedical2 %
Road Sign Kilt100 %Attire2 %
Road Sign Jacket100 %Attire2 %
Ladder Hatch100 %Construction2 %
AND Switch100 %Electrical2 %
Strengthened Glass Window100 %Construction2 %
RF Receiver100 %Electrical2 %
Salvaged Icepick100 %Tool2 %
F1 GrenadeWeapon2 %
Auto Turret100 %Electrical2 %
Longsword100 %Weapon2 %
Large FurnaceItems2 %
Night Vision Goggles100 %Attire2 %
Prison Cell Gate100 %Construction2 %
Roadsign Horse Armor100 %Attire2 %
Triangle Ladder Hatch100 %Construction2 %
High External Stone WallConstruction2 %
Counter100 %Electrical2 %
Powered Water PurifierElectrical2 %
Rocket Launcher100 %Weapon2 %
Roadsign GlovesAttire2 %
Smart Switch100 %Electrical2 %
Muzzle Brake100 %Weapon2 %
Medium Rechargeable Battery100 %Electrical2 %
Smart Alarm100 %Electrical2 %
HoodieAttire2 %
Smoke GrenadeTool2 %
Storage Monitor100 %Electrical2 %
Laser Detector100 %Electrical2 %
Elevator100 %Electrical2 %
Semi-Automatic Pistol100 %Weapon2 %
Tesla Coil100 %Electrical2 %
Salvaged Axe100 %Tool2 %
Small Oil RefineryItems2 %
Land MineTraps2 %

While not all of the loot is available on Rust CE, you can use this table of look to get a good idea of what you’ll get out of Oilrig on Rust. A common misconception is that you can find an M2 in Oilrig, but actually, those can only be found by taking down Heli & Brad.

The locked crate at Both Rigs will count down from 15 minutes once activated. We suggest taking a strong gun, like the AK, to mow down the heavy scientists as quickly as possible, as they deal significant damage if you let them get shots in.



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