Season 5 reloaded Updates – MWII & Warzone

28 August 2023


Published: 28th August 8:37PM

Some massive content drops are on the horizon for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II and Warzone with season 5 reloaded, bringing new maps, modes, operators, and more starting August 30th. This mid-season refresh is set to kick the action into overdrive.

New Map Brings Close-Quarters Chaos in Season 5 reloaded

Zone 1 MWII

Modern Warfare II multiplayer receives a brand new map called Zone 1, set in an annex of the fan-favorite Building 21 location. This close-quarters map is purpose-built for frenetic combat, especially in objective modes like Hardpoint and Domination. Players will weave through tight laboratories and corridors, using the plentiful shortcuts and flanking routes to get the drop on enemies.

Zone 1 continues the trend of excellent, creative map design in Modern Warfare II. Learning the ins and outs to lock down side routes and control high-traffic areas will be key to success.

Gunfight Snipers Tests Sharpshooting Skills

Sharpshooters can test their skills in the new Gunfight Snipers mode launching with the update. This variant restricts loadouts to sniper rifles and marksmen rifles only, challenging operators to get quick one-shot kills and avoid being picked off themselves.

The high tension and methodical gameplay of snipers-only Gunfight on the existing roster of maps provides a unique new way to experience this fan-favorite mode.

A New Resurgence Playground Arrives in Warzone with season 5 reloaded

An entirely new Resurgence experience named Fort Resurgence launches on the Al Bagra Fortress POI in Al Mazrah. Resurgence modes cram all the tension and gunplay of Battle Royale into a condensed arena, and Fort Resurgence brings this frenetic action to the expansive Al Bagra fortress.

Al Bagra Fortress Resurgence

For the first time ever, players can rotate between three distinct Resurgence maps for nonstop close-quarters engagements. Expect to see even more operators dropping into Resurgence with this fresh addition to the mix.

The Mayhem of Armored Royale Returns with season 5 reloaded

A blast from the past comes to Warzone 2.0 – the limited-time Armored Royale mode makes its triumphant return! This fan-favorite experience outfits each squad with a powerful MRAP vehicle. As long as your team’s MRAP survives, you can redeploy upon death.

Armored Royale Warzone

The key is balancing repairing and upgrading your MRAP at buy stations with aggressively hunting down enemy vehicles. LMGs and rocket launchers are ideal for vehicle combat, but any weapon and strategy can be viable.

Shadow Company Undertakes High-Stakes Missions

Shadow Company takes on an expanded role with new high-risk, high-reward missions exclusive to this faction. These multi-part missions include acquiring targets like heavy choppers and extracting leftover chemical weapons to earn contraband loot.

This gives Shadow Company a unique identity compared to the other factions. Completing these dangerous missions will require skill and strategy but brings lucrative new rewards.

Additional Features to Upgrade the DMZ Experience

DMZ also receives new side missions to upgrade your home base alongside the Shadow Company operations. New communication station upgrades can unlock permanent benefits like extending the duration of UAV towers.

Together with quality-of-life improvements addressing community feedback, DMZ continues to evolve as a gritty extraction playground.

Three New Operators Reporting for Duty

The mid-season update introduces three new operators joining the fight. Veteran Call of Duty character Mace makes his return with Shadow Company. Lara Croft from the Tomb Raider series brings her survival expertise as a new playable operator. And rapper 21 Savage joins the roster through a special collaboration.

Lara Croft Operator Call of Duty
21 Savage Operator Call of Duty
MAce Operator MWII/Warzone

This diverse cast of new operators will shake up the game through unique playstyles and personality.

Impressive New Weapons Inbound

Alongside the new operators, an impressive slate of weapons arrives including a pistol, SMG, and melee weapon. This lethal collection includes the 9mm Daemon pistol, Lachmann Shroud SMG, and heavy-hitting Pickaxe melee.

Lachmann Shroud MWII/Warzone
Pickaxe Melee Weapon MWII/Warzone
9mm Daemon Pistol MWII/Warzone

These CQB-focused new weapons offer fresh options to round out loadouts for getting up close and personal on the battlefield.

Unlock New Vehicle Skins Through Themed Challenges

Operators who excel in vehicle combat can now unlock additional customization through two sets of themed challenges for ground and air vehicles. Completing objectives like roadkills or helicopter refuels will unlock cool skins for that vehicle type.

Vehicle Camo Challenges Season 5 reloaded MWII/Warzone

These challenges provide fun new goals while cruising around in trucks and choppers apart from the usual objectives.

The Action is Just Getting Started

With major expansions across multiplayer, Warzone, and DMZ, the action is only intensifying following the mid-season refresh. There has never been more content and variety across the Modern Warfare II experience. And it’s all building toward the next chapter with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III’s launch this November. Looking for the cheapest place to order MWIII, check out our article here to find the best deal for you.

If you’re a Warzone fan, you might be interested in learning about the next battle royale map coming soon, check out our article all about Urzikstan now. Long time Warzone fans will be delighted to hear that Rebirth Island and Fortune’s Keep will be returning soon, learn more about when they will return here.



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