Sunflowers in Minecraft: Locations, Usage, and More

24 April 2023


Published: 24th April 1:37AM


Sunflowers are more than just beautiful additions to your Minecraft world; they serve various purposes that many players might not be aware of. In this article, we’ll explore where to find sunflowers in Minecraft, how to collect them, and what they can be used for. So, let’s dive in and brighten up your Minecraft experience with these vibrant yellow flowers.

Where to Find Sunflowers

Sunflowers can be found in the Sunflower Plains biome, a rare variation of the Plains biome. This biome is characterized by vast, flat grasslands filled with a generous amount of sunflowers scattered across the landscape.

To locate a Sunflower Plains biome, you can either:

  1. Roam around the world: Explore your Minecraft world on foot, by boat, or even by horseback, keeping an eye out for the distinct appearance of sunflowers dotting the landscape.
  2. Use the /locatebiome command: If you have access to commands, you can type “/locatebiome minecraft:sunflower_plains” in the chat to find the coordinates of the nearest Sunflower Plains biome.

How to Collect Sunflowers

Once you’ve found sunflowers, harvesting them is easy. Simply left-click or tap on the sunflower with any tool or your hand, and it will drop as an item you can collect.

It’s worth noting that sunflowers always face east, making them a handy natural compass if you ever get lost.

Uses of Sunflowers

Sunflowers have several uses in Minecraft, making them a valuable resource for players.

Decoration: Sunflowers can be planted on grass or dirt blocks to add a touch of color and vibrancy to your gardens, parks, or yards. Place the sunflower in your hotbar and right-click or tap on the desired location to plant it.

Dye: Sunflowers can be used to create yellow dye, which is useful for dyeing wool, glass, terracotta, and more. Simply place a sunflower in the crafting grid, and it will yield two units of yellow dye.

Bee attraction: Bees are attracted to flowers, and sunflowers are no exception. Placing sunflowers near your beehives or bee nests will help attract more bees, increasing the efficiency of your honey production. Focusing on bees? Try our in-depth guide to bees.

Composting: Sunflowers can be placed in a composter to help create bone meal, which is an effective fertilizer for crops and saplings. The more flowers you compost, the higher the chances of obtaining bone meal.

Trading: In some cases, you can trade sunflowers with wandering traders or farmer villagers for emeralds, making them a useful item for bartering.


Sunflowers are not only a beautiful decorative element in Minecraft but also a versatile resource with several uses. By finding and collecting these cheerful flowers, you can create yellow dye, attract bees, and even trade with villagers. Keep an eye out for the Sunflower Plains biome and enjoy the many benefits these flowers have to offer. Happy exploring!



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