The Ultimate Guide to Finding Netherite Scraps in the Nether in Minecraft

23 March 2023


Published: 23rd March 3:53PM


Unearthing the elusive netherite scraps in the nether has become a top priority for Minecraft players seeking to improve their gear. In this article, we’ll share the best level to find netherite scraps in the nether and elevate your Minecraft experience.

What are netherite scraps and why are they important?

Netherite is a highly sought-after resource in Minecraft due to its incredible strength and durability. It is used to upgrade diamond gear, making it an essential component for top-tier players. The first step in obtaining netherite is to find netherite scraps in the nether, which can then be combined with gold ingots to create netherite ingots.

Finding Netherite & Ancient Debris

To increase your chances of finding netherite scraps, it’s important to know the best level to mine in the nether. You can find Netherite scraps exclusively in ancient debris, a rare ore that generates in the nether. The most efficient level to mine for ancient debris is between Y-levels 8 to 22, with the highest concentration at Y-level 15. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you optimize your netherite mining experience:

  1. Enter the Nether:

    • To begin your search for netherite scraps, you’ll first need to enter the nether using a nether portal. Be sure you’re well-prepared with proper gear and resources, as the nether is a dangerous and hostile environment
  2. Locate Y-Level 15:

    • Once inside the nether, press F3 on your keyboard (Java Edition) or enable coordinates in your game settings (Bedrock Edition) to display your current Y-level. Descend or ascend until you reach Y-level 15, where ancient debris is most likely to spawn.
  3. Start Branch Mining:

    • At Y-level 15, begin branch mining by digging tunnels in a straight line, with occasional branches extending out to the sides. This method increases your chances of uncovering ancient debris while minimizing the amount of netherrack you need to mine.
  4. Use the Right Tools:

    • Speed up your mining process by using a diamond or netherite pickaxe with the Efficiency enchantment. Additionally, ancient debris is blast resistant, so using TNT or beds to create explosions can help expose hidden ores without destroying them.
  5. Smelt Ancient Debris:

    • Once you’ve found ancient debris, smelt it in a furnace or blast furnace to obtain scraps. You’ll need four netherite scraps and four gold ingots to craft a single netherite ingot.
  6. Craft Netherite Gear:

    • Upgrade your diamond gear by combining it with netherite ingots in a smithing table. Netherite gear boasts increased durability, faster mining speed, and higher enchantment value compared to its diamond counterparts.

Wrapping up on Netherite Scraps

Finding netherite in the nether can be a challenging but rewarding task for Minecraft players. By mining at Y-level 15, using the right tools, and employing an efficient branch mining technique, you can optimize your search for this rare and valuable resource. Once you’ve gathered enough netherite scraps and crafted your netherite gear, you’ll be well-equipped to tackle the most formidable challenges in the game. So, gear up, venture into the nether, and start your quest for netherite scraps today! Remember, with patience and perseverance, you’ll soon be enjoying the benefits of this powerful material in your Minecraft adventures.

To learn how to create netherite tools, head to our guide, or learn more about netherite here.



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