The Ultimate Guide to Taming and Breeding Rare Animals in Minecraft

22 March 2023


Published: 22nd March 9:31PM

Introduction to Taming and Breeding

Minecraft’s diverse ecosystem is home to a wide variety of animals that can be tamed, bred, and used to your advantage. From loyal wolves to adorable pandas, each animal has its unique behavior and purpose. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover information on taming and breeding all animals in Minecraft, providing you with an army of useful creatures to aid you in your adventures. Looking to breed sheep & cows? Check this guide.


Taming: Approach a wild wolf and right-click (or tap the “use” button) while holding a bone. The wolf will be tamed once hearts appear above it, and its collar will turn red.

Breeding: Tame two wolves, then feed them any type of meat. They’ll produce a baby wolf that will be tamed and loyal to you.

Wolf - taming


Taming: Slowly approach an untamed cat with raw fish (preferably raw cod or salmon) in your hand. Right-click (or tap the “use” button) to feed the cat until hearts appear above it.

Breeding: Tame two cats, then feed them raw cod or raw salmon. They’ll produce a kitten that will be tamed and follow you.

Cat - Taming

Horses, Donkeys, and Mules

Taming: Right-click (or tap the “use” button) on a wild horse or donkey to mount it. You’ll be thrown off several times, but eventually, hearts will appear, indicating successful taming.

Breeding: Tame a horse and a donkey, then feed them golden apples or enchanted golden apples. They’ll produce a mule, which can be tamed like its parents.

Horses, Donkeys and Mules - Taming


Taming: Approach a wild parrot and right-click (or tap the “use” button) while holding seeds (any type). Once tamed, the parrot will perch on your shoulder or follow you around.

Breeding: Parrots can be bred by feeding them any type of seed.



Taming: Right-click (or tap the “use” button) on a wild llama to mount it. You’ll be thrown off several times, but eventually, hearts will appear, indicating successful taming.

Breeding: Tame two llamas, then feed them hay bales. They’ll produce a baby llama that will be tamed and follow you.

Llamas - Taming


Taming: Foxes cannot be truly tamed, but you can gain their trust. To do so, breed two wild foxes using sweet berries. The baby fox will trust you and won’t flee from your presence.

Breeding: Approach two wild foxes and feed them sweet berries. They’ll produce a baby fox that will trust you.

Foxes - Taming


Taming: Pandas cannot be tamed.

Breeding: Find two pandas in a bamboo forest and feed them bamboo. They’ll produce a baby panda with a random personality.

Pandas - Taming


Taming: Dolphins cannot be tamed, but you can befriend them by swimming near them or feeding them raw fish.

Breeding: Dolphins cannot be bred.

Dolphins - Taming


Taming: Turtles cannot be tamed.

Breeding: Find two turtles on a beach and feed them seagrass. They’ll produce a baby turtle that will grow into an adult over time.



Taming: Equip a saddle on a strider and use a warped fungus on a stick to control its movements.

Breeding: Approach two striders and feed them warped fungus. They’ll produce a baby strider that will grow into an adult over time.


Conclusion to Taming and Breeding

Taming and breeding animals in Minecraft can provide you with loyal companions, valuable resources, and a more vibrant game world. With this ultimate guide at your disposal, you can now tame and breed all the animals available in Minecraft to enhance your gameplay experience. Remember to be patient and gentle with these creatures, as they’ll become indispensable allies on your journey through the vast Minecraft universe.

Happy taming and breeding!



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