What is Gear in Modern Warfare III?

04 November 2023


Published: 4th November 11:31PM

When it comes to gaining a tactical edge on the battlefield, the choice of gear can often tip the scales in favour of the well-prepared soldier. In Modern Warfare III, a variety of gear awaits the players, each with unique perks to suit different combat strategies. Whether you’re about reducing the enemy’s technological advantage, enhancing your own sensory perception on the battlefield, or speeding up your combat readiness, there’s a piece of gear tailored for you. Let’s delve into the arsenal and see what’s on offer.

Essential Gear Items

Tac Mask

Tac Mask MWIII

A must-have for those who find themselves often caught in the midst of chemical warfare. The Tac Mask significantly reduces the effects of enemy flash, stun, and gas grenades, allowing for quicker recovery and retaliation.

Mission Control Commlink

Mission Control Commlink MWIII

For the ambitious soldier aiming to call in the big guns, the Mission Control Commlink is your best friend. It reduces the Killstreak cost by one kill and the Scorestreak cost by 125, bringing those game-changing reinforcements just a kill away.

Bone Conduction Headset

Bone Conduction Headset MWIII

In the chaos of the battlefield, distinguishing between friend and foe can be life-saving. The Bone Conduction Headset reduces combat noise, making the identification of enemy footsteps and gunshots a breeze.

Mag Holster

Mag Holster MWIII

Every second counts in a gunfight. With the Mag Holster, enjoy improved reload speed to get back into the action swiftly.

Blacklight Flashlight

Blacklight Flashlight MWIII

Track and hunt down foes with the Blacklight Flashlight, which reveals recent enemy footsteps, a crucial aid in close-quarter combats.

L/R Detector

L/R Detector MWIII

Stay one step ahead of danger with the L/R Detector, warning you of hostile laser and radiation sources, aiding in both offence and defence.

Advanced Gear Technologies

Threat Identification System

Threat Identification System MWIII

Enhancing your targeting system, this gear automatically pings enemy locations in your crosshairs while aiming down sights, providing real-time intel for precise engagements.

Data Jacker

Data Jacker MWIII

Turn enemy losses into your gain. With the Data Jacker, enemies drop a smartphone upon death, which, when collected, generates a radar ping from that location, unveiling enemy positions.

Signal Jammer

Signal Jammer MWIII

Booby traps can turn victories into disasters. The Signal Jammer emits signals that disrupt enemy claymores and mines and warns of nearby enemy equipment, providing a safer passage through hostile territories.

Hijacked IFF Strobe

Hijacked IFF Strobe MWIII

Stay off the enemy’s radar with the Hijacked IFF Strobe, making you undetectable by AI targeting systems and thermal optics. A vital tool for stealth operations.

Ghost T/V Camo

Ghost T/V Camo

Move undetected with the Ghost T/V Camo, blocking detection by UAVs, enemy radar sources, and Heartbeat Sensors while on the move, a perfect fit for covert operations.

EOD Padding


When explosions are the order of the day, the EOD Padding is your shield, reducing damage from non-killstreak explosives and fire, ensuring you stay fighting fit amidst the chaos.

Each piece of gear in Modern Warfare III is designed to offer a unique advantage, shaping the battlefield to your strengths. Your choice of gear could very well be the difference between a triumphant victory or a crushing defeat. So choose wisely, soldier, and may the best gear guide you to victory!

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