Collaboration Success: How to Partner with Other Streamers for Mutual Growth

26 July 2023

Published: 26th July 10:32AM

Want to grow your stream, but feel stuck doing it all alone? Partnering up with fellow streamers is a game-changer.

Collaborations let you tap into each other’s audiences and skills for growth. Plus, they’re fun! Who doesn’t love playing with streaming buddies?

But how do you find the right partners and set up effective collaborations? Here’s the scoop:

Step 1 – Pick Compatible Streamers

Don’t just collab with anyone. Vet potential partners to ensure you’re working with those whose vibe and content complements yours.

  • Similar size channels collaborate best. Avoid huge view mismatches.
  • Look for streamers in your niche. A Fortnite pro is great for gaming collabs, not so much for IRL cooking streams.
  • Consider personality fit. Will your energies mesh well together on stream? Opposites can attract for interesting dynamics.

Step 2 – Discuss Goals Upfront

Right off the bat, talk with potential partners about what you both hope to gain. Are you looking for immediate views, new followers, networking, or just good vibes?

Align on shared objectives so you work towards mutually beneficial outcomes, and there won’t be any awkward expectations.

Step 3 – Plan Stream Formats and Games

With aligned goals, brainstorm what games, topics or stream formats will best achieve them.

Planning some interactive activities together beyond regular gameplay keeps audiences engaged. Think quizzes, challenges, Q&As etc.

Give both audiences a taste of each other’s usual content as well. Your regulars will love mingling!

Step 4 – Get the Tech Dialed In

Coordinate using platforms like Discord to connect your audio feeds. Test the set up beforehand to ensure crisp audio on both sides.

Use screen sharing apps to get multiple webcam views for your stream layout. This keeps energy up seeing you both!

Step 5 – Go Live Together!

It’s showtime! Drum up excitement by co-promoting the collab on social media right before going live.

Then just have fun with it! Play off each other’s commentary, banter back and forth, and engage both audiences.

After, discuss what worked well and what could improve. Apply lessons to make your next collab even more fire.

Collaborating is like making new streamer friends with mutual benefits. Hopefully these tips help you find great partners and create epic dual streams!

Feeling camera shy when collaborating? Be sure to check out our tips in the previous article for feeling confident and natural on stream!

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