Enhancing Your Stream’s Audio

25 August 2023

Published: 25th August 8:28PM

Nothing torpedoes stream production value faster than subpar, echoey audio. Investing in quality microphones for your stream’s audio is useless without proper acoustic treatment and mic technique. Implement these tips for professional grade sound.

Streaming Microphones for your stream's audio

Use Directional Cardioid Mics for your Stream’s Audio

Cardioid mics focus on sound directly in front while suppressing ambient noise behind and beside you. This isolates your voice clearly.

Large condenser microphones tend to pick up excessive room echo.

Position the Mic Properly

Place the mic slightly off axis from your mouth rather than directly in front. This avoids “plosive” pops from exhaled consonants.

Position pop filters between you and the mic as another layer of protection.

Tweak Gain Settings for your Stream’s Audio

Set mic gain high enough to pick up your voice but avoid peaking and distortion. Normal speech should hover around -12dB to -6dB.

Use compressors and limiters to dynamically control levels if needed.

Address Echo and Reverb in your Stream’s Audio

Sound blankets, acoustic foam and other treatments absorb echoes rather than reflecting speech back to the mic.

Your audio should sound close and intimate, not distant and hollow.

Stay Consistent When Speaking

Inconsistent distance from the mic leads to distracting volume changes. Remain an even and intimate 6-12 inches away at all times.

Use mic boom arms to lock positioning.

Confirm Software Settings

Set your streaming software’s sample rate to 48kHz and bitrate to 192kbps minimum for CD-like quality. Disable auto adjustments and enhancements.

Match these settings across all hardware and software in your audio chain.

Equalize Strategically

Gently boost warmth around 80-150Hz to add rich vocal presence. Slightly attenuate around 200-400Hz to reduce muddiness. Add clarity and breathiness from 8-10kHz.

But avoid drastic equalization which degrades quality. Subtlety enhances natural sound.

Refine these elements until your audio achieves professional sheen. Crisp, intimate sound captivates and retains viewers. Soon enough, they will be commenting on your amazing audio quality!

Want more streaming tips? check out our streaming section!

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