Overcoming Nervousness: 7 Tips to Improve Your On-Camera Presence

25 July 2023

Published: 25th July 6:38PM

Getting nervous on stream? You’re not alone! Having an audience watching you play games live can definitely be nerve-wracking at first. But with the right mindset and preparation, you can become totally comfortable being your authentic self on camera.

Here are 7 tips to relax, look natural, and improve your on-stream presence:

1 – Do Breathing Exercises

When those pre-stream jitters hit, take a few minutes to do some deep breathing. Long exhales engage your parasympathetic nervous system and reduce anxiety. Feeling zen? Hit that “Start Streaming” button!

2 – Pump Yourself Up

Hype yourself up before going live! Listen to upbeat music, jump around to boost your energy, or shout affirmations at your mirror like “I’ve got this!” Positivity and confidence are contagious.

3 – Pretend the Camera Isn’t There

Don’t obsess over being “on camera.” Imagine you’re just playing games and talking to friends. Stay present in the moment instead of analyzing how you look. You’ll naturally relax and look comfortable.

4 – Smile and Make Eye Contact

Warm up your face with some smiles! Even if you have to “fake it till you make it”, smiling releases feel-good chemicals and gives off good vibes. Maintain eye contact with the camera often.

5 – Sit With Good Posture

Slouching looks stiff on camera. Keep your back straight and shoulders back. Not only does proper posture make you look confident, it also helps you feel assertive and self-assured.

6 – Use Your Hands When Talking

Describing something intense happening on screen? Use your hands to gesture along with your speech. Moving your body makes you animated and energetic.

7 – Chat With Mods Beforehand

Get comfortable chatting on camera by talking with moderators before going live. Interacting with real humans will loosen you up for when thousands tune in.

The best way to overcome camera shyness is practice! But implementing these tips will help you look like a pro on stream right away. Now get out there and make us proud!

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