The Power of Consistency: How Regular Streaming Boosts Your Channel

23 July 2023

Published: 23rd July 8:20PM


It’s the “secret sauce” to streaming success that some top streamers don’t want you to know. But we’re spilling the beans.

Being consistent with your streaming schedule is CRUCIAL if you want to make it big on Twitch, YouTube or Facebook Gaming.

But so many small streamers make the mistake of streaming randomly whenever they feel like it.

That won’t cut it anymore in today’s oversaturated streaming space. You need to be REGULAR and CONSISTENT to stand out.

Here are 5 reasons why:

1. Viewers Crave Routine

Humans are creatures of habit. Viewers want to know exactly when to tune in to catch your livestreams.

Having a set schedule (e.g. Mondays and Fridays at 8pm EST) trains your community to show up and watch. They add your stream to their routine.

Inconsistency throws them off and leads to lower viewer counts. Don’t disrupt the routine!

2. More Exposure on Platforms

The algorithms on Twitch, YouTube etc. REWARD consistent uploaders with more exposure.

The more frequently you stream on a predictable schedule, the more the algorithm will push your content out and recommend you to new viewers.

Inconsistency confuses the algorithm and tanks your discoverability. Stay on schedule!

3. Momentum is Harder to Maintain

When you take long breaks between streams, you lose momentum. Hype dies down, viewers forget about you, and it’s back to square one.

Frequent streams keep your channel front-of-mind. The momentum snowballs into more followers and popularity when done consistently. Don’t kill your momentum!

4. Fellow Streamers Will Collaborate

Collaborating with other streamers is key for growth. But they only want to work with CONSISTENT partners.

If your streaming schedule is erratic, streamers won’t be able to rely on you for collabs. Who wants an unreliable partner?

Prove your consistency and watch the collaboration opportunities come pouring in!

5. Consistency Shows Your Passion

Above all else, sticking to a rock-solid streaming schedule shows viewers your true passion and commitment to streaming.

Seeing you grind day in and day out builds loyalty and belief in your channel. Fans will support someone committed to their craft.

Inconsistency makes you look flaky and non-serious. Who wants to invest in that?

So there you have it. The consistency “secret” the big streamers don’t want you knowing. Now get on a schedule and start reaping the benefits!

Want to take your engagement to the next level once you have a consistent schedule? Be sure to check out our other article with 8 Pro Tips for Interacting With Viewers While Streaming!

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