Understanding Your Audience: Using Analytics to Improve Your Streaming Strategy

24 July 2023

Published: 24th July 4:58AM

Ever wondered how to use analytics to improve your streams and up your game? Here’s how to use analytics to level up your streaming strategy:

Watch Your Concurrent Viewer Counts

Your CCV (concurrent viewers) shows how many people are actively watching your stream at any given time.

Pay attention to when it peaks and dips. What games, topics and streams tend to drive higher CCV? Double down on what works!

Track Your Follower Growth

New followers are the lifeblood of streaming. Monitor your daily, weekly and monthly follower growth rates.

This helps you spot trends and shows if your changes are increasing follows. Every follow matters!

Check Chat Activity

High chat interaction signals an engaged audience. Use tools like Chatty or TouchPortal to measure messages per minute.

See how chat activity fluctuates during different stream segments. More interaction means you’re resonating with viewers!

Review Past Broadcasts

Re-watch your VODs and see which parts hold attention well and which make viewers leave. Analyze each segment.

Match high-interest moments with games, topics and stream formats you should recreate. Lather, rinse, repeat what engages!

See Which Games Draw Viewers In

Compare metrics across the different games you stream. Track follower growth, CCV, chat activity for each.

The standout games are your “viewer magnets”. Make these your staples in the streaming diet.

Check Audience Demographics

Analytics provide viewer demographic data like age, gender and location. Use this intel to fine tune your content.

For example, appeal more to your biggest viewer segments. Talk about topics relevant to their demos.

See Traffic Sources

Where are new viewers discovering you from? Traffic sources show whether followers come from YouTube, TikTok, raids or elsewhere.

Double down on whatever is driving the most new eyeballs to your channel.

So there you have it! Stop letting big streamers gatekeep analytics. Put these metrics and insights to work for your channel and watch the viewers pour in!

Looking to build up your viewers and followers in the first place? Be sure to check out our other article explaining why having a consistent streaming schedule is crucial for growth!

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