What is Kick and how does it compare to Twitch in terms of features and revenue

22 May 2023

Published: 22nd May 4:15PM

Streaming has become a major part of our digital lives. From gameplays to educational webinars, people enjoy watching live content, leading to the rise of various live streaming platforms. Two platforms that have made their mark in this space are Twitch, the well-established giant, and Kick, a newcomer that has stirred the pot since its official launch in January 2023. This article will explore Kick as a streaming platform and compare it to Twitch in terms of features and revenue.

Kick: The New Kid on the Block

Kick is a live streaming platform that allows users to broadcast videos in real time. Organized into categories similar to Twitch, Kick was designed to be more creator-friendly, taking a smaller cut of creators’ earnings compared to other platforms. Notably, Kick allows content that is more lax and transparent about its policies compared to other platforms. The largest category on Kick is Slots and Casinos—a genre essentially banned on Twitch—followed by IRL streaming, music, creative arts, and alternative streams. Gaming, too, is popular on Kick, and the platform also includes a feature that lets creators stream games with friends or on a team, even if they’re in different locations.

The biggest attraction for streamers to Kick is its monetization policies. While Twitch creators receive 50% of subscription earnings, and YouTube offers creators 70%, Kick allows creators to keep a whopping 95% of their subscription earnings. Kick has already enticed big streamers away from Twitch, including Tyler “Trainwreck” Niknam, Hikaru Nakamura, Adin Ross, Evelone, and Corinna Kopf.

Besides the revenue split, other reasons why streamers prefer Kick include more opportunities for beginners to gain traction due to lower competition, more built-in social features, and the ability to multistream to other platforms simultaneously.

Twitch: The Reigning Champion

In 2022, Twitch generated approximately $2.8 billion in revenue with an average of 2.58 million concurrent viewers. A total of 7.6 million Twitch users streamed on the platform once a month, with viewers consuming 22.4 billion hours of content on the platform during the year.

Twitch has been the dominant platform in the streaming industry for many years. Its popularity is partly due to its early entry into the market, which has allowed it to build a large and dedicated community of viewers and streamers. Twitch also offers a broad variety of content, including gaming, music, and IRL streams, with a vast array of features that enhance viewer and streamer interactions.

The Comparison

In terms of features, both Kick and Twitch offer categories for different types of streams and provide tools for streamers to engage with their audience. One of Kick’s unique features is the ability to multistream, which allows streamers to broadcast to other platforms simultaneously. Kick also has more built-in social features since it was designed as a social platform before it turned to streaming. Twitch, on the other hand, offers a wide array of features that enhance viewer and streamer interactions, including chat features, emotes, and channel points.

Revenue-wise, Kick offers a much more generous split to creators, allowing them to keep 95% of their earnings, compared to Twitch’s 50% cut. However, Twitch has a much larger user base, which can potentially lead to higher overall earnings for popular streamers despite the smaller revenue split.

In conclusion, while Twitch is currently the bigger platform in terms of users and total revenue, Kick offers attractive features and revenue splits that may lure more streamers to its platform. It’s still early days for Kick, and it remains to be seen whether it will become a serious challenger to Twitch or fade away like other platforms that have tried to challenge the Twitch monopoly. Nonetheless, the emergence of Kick has certainly made the streaming industry more interesting, offering more options for both streamers and viewers.

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