All CoD Champs Winners

18 June 2023


Published: 18th June 12:35PM

2013: The Inception of Esport Giants – Fariko Impact

In 2013, marking the third year of organized competitive Call of Duty and the Black Ops 2 season, the Call of Duty World Championship took a significant stride into Esport legitimacy. Fariko Impact, not the most gifted team, but a group of competitive Cod veterans, emerged as the “Cod Champs winners”.

Karma, the league’s superstar and the world’s best Black Ops 2 player, spearheaded the team. His unparalleled confidence and record-breaking longest killstreak during Black Ops 2 positioned the team for success. Alongside Karma were KiLLA, Parasite, and Mirx, known for their relentless trash talk, which added to the team’s intimidating aura. Unfortunately, Fariko Impact soon disbanded due to internal conflicts.

Roster: Karma, KiLLA, Parasite, Mirx

2014: Birth of the First Dynasty – CompLexity Gaming

CompLexity Gaming, the team that played Call of Duty Ghosts like no other, stepped into the limelight as the 2014 “Cod Champs winners”, establishing the first true Cod dynasty. Already a top-tier team, they added Karma, the reigning MVP, thereby creating a formidable force.

TeePee, the team’s anchor, guided the team with focus and versatility, while Crimsix and Aches played pivotal roles. After the Ghosts season, the team disbanded due to internal disagreements, leading to a reshuffling of the roster.

Roster: Aches, Crimsix, Karma, TeePee

2015: The Underdogs Take the Crown – Denial eSports

Denial eSports, a team comprised of seasoned players and new talent, emerged as the unexpected “Cod Champs winners” of 2015 during the Advanced Warfare season. Their journey to victory was marked by a thrilling series of matches following Optic Gaming’s surprising quarterfinal exit.

The team’s leader, Clayster, along with veterans JKap and newcomers Attach and Replays, combined their skills and strategies to clinch the championship. Despite roster changes in the following year, the team’s legacy as World Champions remained intact.

Roster: Attach, Clayster, JKap, Replays

2016: The Rising Titans – Team EnVyUs

The Black Ops 3 season witnessed one of the most competitive years in Call of Duty. Team EnVyUs claimed the title of “Cod Champs winners” that year, thanks to their adaptability and remarkable individual performances.

Slasher, one of the top three players globally, consistently steered Envy towards victory, with crucial support from JKap and the unpredictable SMG duo of John and Apathy. Their impressive play at Champs led to a dominant performance and a well-deserved win.

Roster: Apathy, JKap, John, Slasher

2017: The Second Dynasty is Born – OpTic Gaming

OpTic Gaming, after years of anticipation, finally seized the title of “Cod Champs winners” in 2017 during the Infinite Warfare season, marking themselves as the second Cod dynasty. The team had remained solid for three years, an impressive feat in the world of competitive Cod.

Formal and Scump, the dynamic duo, spearheaded the team, with significant contributions from Karma and Crimsix, the team’s key role players. Their coordinated gameplay and strategy led them to a triumphant win at Champs.

Roster: Scump, Karma, Formal,


2018: A New Challenger Approaches – Evil Geniuses

In a surprising twist, Evil Geniuses emerged as the “Cod Champs winners” during the World War II season in 2018. Despite struggling throughout the season, they made a miraculous comeback during the championship.

Aches, a well-respected veteran, guided the team, and the rest of the roster, consisting of Assault, Silly, and Apathy, managed to outperform expectations. Their remarkable run at Champs cemented their legacy in the annals of Cod history.

Roster: Aches, Assault, Silly, Apathy

2019: The Unstoppable Force – eUnited

During the Black Ops 4 season, eUnited became the “Cod Champs winners” of 2019. After a year of consistent performances, eUnited finally bagged the championship, validating their talent and determination.

Simp, a prodigious rookie, led the team with a spectacular performance throughout the tournament. Arcitys, Prestinni, and Clayster, despite facing stiff competition, played with unity and precision, securing eUnited’s dominance in the championship.

Roster: Arcitys, Prestinni, Simp, Clayster

2020: The Unwavering Champions – Dallas Empire

In the inaugural season of the Call of Duty League (CDL), played on Modern Warfare, the Dallas Empire reigned as the “Cod Champs winners” in 2020. Led by the veteran, Clayster, and superstar young gun, Shotzzy, the Empire dominated the tournament.

Huke, Illey, and Crimsix, the other members of the team, contributed significantly to the team’s remarkable success, exhibiting brilliant gameplay and showcasing unshakeable team chemistry throughout the championship.

Roster: Clayster, Crimsix, Huke, Shotzzy, Illey

2021: The Kings of the Arena – Atlanta FaZe

In the second season of the CDL, played on Black Ops Cold War, Atlanta FaZe emerged as the “Cod Champs winners”. Led by the dynamic duo of Simp and aBeZy, the team showcased some of the most impressive performances in the history of competitive Call of Duty.

Cellium and Arcitys, the other two members of the team, played vital roles in their journey to the championship, reinforcing the strength and depth of the team’s roster. Their win solidified their position as one of the most formidable teams in the world of competitive Call of Duty.

Roster: Simp, aBeZy, Cellium, Arcitys


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