How To Get Good At Call Of Duty Warzone

25 June 2023


Published: 25th June 3:00PM

Call Of Duty Warzone, a now fan favourite is a Battle Royale style game, encouraging fast-paced tactical gunplay in an effort to be the last remaining squad alive. Similar to PUBG, Fortnite and the likes, there’s much more to winning than just having good aim, and in this ultimate guide to Warzone, we’ll help you double your Warzone wins.

I can guarantee that once you complete reading this guide, you’ll be more confident and more capable, and you’ll be much better at Warzone.

While this guide will help you improve, you’ll still need to put the time in to improve your core skills, but these soft skills are those that many Warzone players lack.

Warzone Settings

Let’s first discuss your settings. If these are wrong, you’ve got no hope of consistently winning on Vondel, Al Mazrah or Ashika.

Warzone settings page

Sensitivity. Arguably the most important controller setting in Call of Duty Warzone, you need to find a sensitivity that works well for you. Top Warzone players will use higher sensitivity to be able to flick to targets, but you need to start small. Generally speaking, start using a sensitivity of 7-9. Work your way up if you feel that you’re not fast enough, but be aware of the loss of subtle aim movement.

Use the shooting range to test your new settings, it’ll save you a world of Misery if you try to hop into a game to test out your new settings.

Controller dead zone. Warzone offers a dead zone setting for stick movement. Defaulting to 10, it’s usually fine, but you may want to move up to 15 if your controller is a little worn, or if you can’t make sublte adjustments without flicking past your target. This is especially important for long-range aiming.

Aim type. We’d generally suggest Dynamic Aim Response Curve, which is a little smoother and typically works best for tracking moving targets, helping to improve your accuracy in Warzone.

Controller Vibration. Just turn it off. It’ll only disrupt your aim. Really, you don’t need it, at all.

Play Warzone With Friends

Unless you’re going to run Warzone solos, do your best to avoid playing with randoms, it’ll save you a world of pain.

Half of Warzone randoms won’t use comms, won’t share cash, and will leave when they die. It’s not a fun experience, and it’ll ruin your stats.

Instead, play Warzone with your friends. Though, skill-based matchmaking can be harsh, so try to find friends who have a similar K/D to you on Warzone so that you’ll be matched in even lobbies.

This is a good time to mention Communication. Getting better at Warzone isn’t just about aiming, it’s about communication, too. You need to be able to clearly communicate with your squad – tell them what’s happening, where the enemy is, how many there are, and where you are going. To win a quads game you’ll very likely need to work well as a team to eliminate other squads, and you can’t do that if you’re running by yourself. Learn how your friends play, and learn to work well as a team in order to give yourselves the best chance at taking the W. Getting better at Warzone isn’t just about aiming, it’s about communication, too.

Warzone Audio

Even though Activision continue to nerf audio, Using a good headset is vital to getting good at Warzone. You need to hear your enemies before you see them in order to understand where they are. Giving you time to position yourself, or alert your squad, using good audio will help you improve your K/D if nothing else, improving your chances of evading, or winning gunfights, based on anticipation alone.


We have a complete guide on headsets for gaming on a budget, but the general consensus is that anything by Steelseries will give you good directional audio at a fair price, with good build quality.

Using a good headset in Warzone will be sure to improve your chance of winning. Like I said, they’ve nerfed how distinctive audio is, but it’s still very easy to get a general idea of where hostile squads are located, especially in Warzone Vondel Resurgence, thanks to the multiple wooden floorboards in the multistorey houses.

Loot fast

Looting in Warzone is key to getting the edge on your enemies in the first half of the game. If you can pick up a gun before them, your chances of getting out of your drop zone alive are significantly increased.

Learn where the best spots are, memorise the loot crates, and identify the best places to hide and wait for enemies in that area. If you drop and push straight to a loot crate, you’ll immediately give yourself the advantage over other Warzone players.

In Vondel, there are blueprint guns which have set spawns, and some of these are very, very powerful weapons. For example, if you land at a graveyard in Vondel, there’s a TAQ-M situated in the church cabinet straight through the front door, which is an easy pickup.

A key to improving at Warzone is to familiarize yourself with a meta loadout. A meta loadout is a set of weapons in Warzone that are currently somewhat overpowered, to give you an almost unfair chance of winning gunfights. These meta tend to change season-by-season, when Warzone releases nerfs and buffs to guns.

You need to find a gun you are comfortable using, that matches your playstyle and compliments your abilities. For example, in Vondel, the FTAC Siege is a very strong gun to use, thanks to it’s high rate of fire and ability to be used in the water, to catch those swimming fish off guard.

We have multiple meta guides from Season 4 that are guaranteed to improve your K/D and guide you to wins. Here’s our razorback loady, and our RPK Warzone loady.

Camp or push?

If you play too aggressively in Warzone, you’ll find yourself dying, no matter how good you are at the game. Eventually, you’ll meet your match. To help your K/D, and chance at winning, you need to find a healthy balance and build a game sense of when to push, what to push, and how to push. Teams that do not expect you coming are easy targets, but those who are staring you down? Maybe look after your K/D and fall back.

This is especially true in the final Warzone circles, where pushing are truly life and death – the difference between winning Warzone, or leaving in 2nd place.

Work the Warzone Gas

Firstly, don’t get stuck in the gas. If you’re chasing the zone, you’ll be an easy victim for seasoned Warzone players who know to check for stragglers chasing the circle.

Be the seasoned player, anticipate zone movement and get into the circle before it comes in. Good preparation will passively boost your K/D, because you are focused on other players, not being killed by the gas.


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