The Ultimate Guide to Warzone Vondel – All metas

19 June 2023


Published: 19th June 4:25PM

Recently dropping in Season 4, Vondel, set in Amsterdam, Netherlands is the new fast-paced Resurgence map, developed by Beenox, the creators of Rebirth Island.

In this ultimate guide to Vondel, we’ll cover where to land, how to find XP, get your loady, meta weapons, and how to manage your gunfights.

Where to drop in Vondel

Starting with where to drop, Vondel Resurgence is a fast map, so be prepared to fight the moment you land. However, we have some Vondel meta drops to get you off to a strong start. While the map seems to blend into one large city, deciding where to drop based on your play style can dramatically change your chances of making it out of the gates.

Landing at Vondel Stadium – Bullish

Landing at Vondel Stadium will immediately put you in gunfights, so be sure to quickly find a weapon or chance getting domed.

Aggressive play

If you want to play aggressive, land yourself in the middle of the field, locate a box and get to blasting enemies in the field. Once you’ve wiped the Vondel Stadium field clean, head inside the stands, and work your way from one end to the other, wiping teams up in the process. Loot guns are super strong in Season 4, especially LMGs, so there’s no rush to get your Loadout if you can land your shots.

You’ll find a buy station near the end of the field in most cases, however it’s quite exposed, so be sure to get in and out, pronto.

Once you’re content with the destruction you’ve caused in Stadium, Head West towards Vondel Zoo, where you can pick off any stragglers making there way towards the center of the map for zone.

Vondel Stadium

Sheepish play

We’d suggest avoiding Stadium if you aren’t confident, though if you proceed, head straight to the stands and pick up an AR, preferably the meta Tempus Razorback. Start gunning for people in the field. Alternatively, you can grab cash and contract yourself to a loadout, to give yourself an immediate headstart.

We’d suggest moving from Stadium towards Police Station – a more Central location to give yourself a better chance at staying in Zone.

Floating District – Sheepish

Floating district will give you a strong chance to loot your way to a loadout. A much quieter landing spot in Vondel, Floating District will give you room to breathe. We’d suggest picking up the nearest contract and heading inward towards the action – maybe avoid Zoo, though!

Vondel zoo

Be sure to move in quickly, or you’ll get caught in the zone, where there’ll be people waiting to finish you off as you move in.

The Vondel Meta – Contracts

We cannot state this enough, use contracts. Contracts will get you cash, fast. There’s no shortage of buy stations in Vondel, so wherever your contract takes you, you’ll be ready to get your loadout drop once you finish your contract.

Intel Contracts in Vondel are one of the best ways to get a headstart, not only will they show you the next zone, you get a nice dosage of XP & cash.

Safe Cracker Contracts are super good to get loot, and cash along the way, but be careful, people may camp the safes if they spot them.

Vondel playstyles

Vondel stairs

How you rush squads is important in Vondel, the snaking staircases open the door to ultra close-quarters combat, that you can’t always escape from. Before pushing teams, be sure you can 1) escape, if things go South, or 2) finish the job, and finish it quickly. Due to the high concentration of players in the map, they’ll hear your fire, and like sharks to blood, they will hunt you down. Be fast, move quickly and reposition after each gunfight to avoid being gunned by a fresh squad.

Watch the roofs

Teams, just like you are partial to sitting on roofs and spraying down at the helpless teams who are pushing below. This is uber common when teams push zone late, leaving those in zone to watch out and wipe them while they helplessly rush for safety.

Vondel water is viable but deadly

Since they cleared up the water to allow players to better see whos in the water, or even whos in the water WITH them, it’s much easier to scope out targets.

Unphased, players still use the water as a safety vessel to traverse the map. You’ll find yourself getting wet, quite often. You’ll need a pistol at hand to shoot underwater, and trust me when I say this – NO ONE ELSE HAS A PISTOL. You can pray on your targets like a tiger to zebras. The FTAC Sieg is meta, and the only option for pistols right now.

Season 4 meta loadouts

Guns are very well balanced at the moment, and until Season 4 there was no clear winner in the race to be meta, but now… the race is over and the Razorback has been crowned, the season 4 meta.

Primary Weapon: Tempus Razorback meta

Vondel Razerback

You can acquire the Tempus Razorback, the best Assault Rifle in Season 4, by successfully completing sector D13 of the Season 4 Battle Pass.

The best loadout for the Razorback in Season 4

  • Barrel: 16″ TANKR-V
    • ⇕ : +0.27
    • ⇔: +0.19
  • Optic: Aim OP-V4
    • ⇕ : -1.26
    • ⇔: -1.65
  • Underbarrel: Edge-47 Grip
    • ⇕ : +0.44
    • ⇔: -0.15
  • Muzzle: Echoless-80
    • ⇕ : -0.63
    • ⇔: +0.39
  • Magazine: 60 Round Mag

Secondary Weapon: FTAC Siege meta

  • Barrel: STF-U. ⇕ : +0.50. ⇔: +0.40.
  • Laser: FJX Diod-70. ⇕ : -0.50. ⇔: -51.00.
  • Stock: Siege Wire Stock. ⇕ : -4.00. ⇔: -2.40.
  • Rear Grip: SUR-160. ⇕ : -1.00. ⇔: -0.45.
  • Magazine: 50 Round Drum.

Interested in learning more about the secrets of Vondel? Maybe you’ve seen the stuck door in Vondel and don’t know how to open it? Check out this article to find all you need!


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