What Tactical Equipment is in MWIII?

05 November 2023


Published: 5th November 12:04AM

Modern Warfare III (MWIII) has introduced an exhilarating range of Tactical and Lethal equipment to enhance the combat experience in both Multiplayer (MP) and Modern Warfare Zombies (MWZ). These gadgets can be tailored to your Loadout, offering a strategic edge in the battlefield. Let’s delve into the 12 pieces of Tactical equipment that are up for grabs.

Tactical Equipment

1. Stun Grenade (MP, MWZ)

Sun Grenade MWIII

The Stun Grenade is your go-to to hinder enemy movement and aiming. It’s a potent tool to gain an upper hand during close encounters.

2. Battle Rage (MP)

Battle Rage MWIII

Battle Rage is an experimental stimulant that thrusts you into an adrenaline-charged state, where health regenerates at an accelerated pace, resistance to Tactical Equipment is enhanced, and Tactical Sprint is endlessly refreshed.

3. Smoke Grenade (MP, MWZ)

Smoke Grenade MWIII

Deploy a veil of smoke to obscure vision and automated targeting systems, making it a quintessential tool for stealth or covering a retreat.

4. Scatter Mine (MP, MWZ)

Scatter Mine MWIII

With a toss, unleash a field of mines that wait patiently for the enemy to venture close before detonating, serving as a deadly surprise for the unsuspecting foes.

5. Decoy Grenade (MP, MWZ)

Decoy Grenade MWIII

Confuse the enemy with a Decoy Grenade that simulates gunfire, movement, and radar signatures. It’s a masterful tool for diversion and misdirection.

6. Flash Grenade (MP)

Flash Grenade MWIII

Disorient adversaries with a burst of light and sound, providing a crucial moment to strike or escape.

7. Snapshot Grenade (MP)

Snapshot Grenade MWIII

A brief window into enemy whereabouts, the Snapshot Grenade reveals enemies within its blast radius to you and your allies.

8. Shock Stick (MP, MWZ)

Shock Stick MWIII

Adhere this electrical device to surfaces to electrocute enemies, obliterate equipment, and send vehicles into a frenzy.

9. Stim (MP, MWZ)


A military-grade stimulant that hastens wound clotting and rejuvenates Tactical Sprint, ensuring you stay mobile and in the fight.

10. Tear Gas (MP)

Tear Gas MWIII

A cloud of debilitating gas hampers enemy movement, vision, and induces coughing, making it a nuisance for them to deal with.

11. Experimental Gas Grenade (MWZ)

Experimental Gas Grenade MWIII

Unleash a lingering cloud of gas that imposes a range of visual and movement impairments, alongside light damage to the foes.

12. EMD Grenade (MP)


Tag enemies with a tracking device, revealing their position on your team’s minimap and making them easy prey for a coordinated strike.

The variety of tactical equipment in MWIII ensures that every player can find something that complements their playstyle. Whether you are about aggressive confrontation, strategic play, or support roles, the arsenal is well-equipped to accommodate your combat preferences.

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