All About Loadouts in Modern Warfare III

04 November 2023


Published: 4th November 11:35PM

Stepping into the battleground of Modern Warefare III presents a realm where every piece of armament is a step towards triumph. Before plunging into the fray, the game beckons you to delve into its Weapons menu. Being a realm where the creation of up to 10 Customised Loadouts for Multiplayer is possible. So, you can create the perfect Loadout in Modern Warfare III for you.

Navigating Loadouts: Multiplayer and Zombies Unveiled

The tapestry of Loadouts is elegantly simple yet brimming with depth. At the heart of it lies a pivotal choice: the Vest you adorn. This choice governs the quantum of Equipment pieces you carry along, also bestowing a particular set of Perk-like abilities. It’s a unique dance between offence and defence, each Vest offering a different rhythm.

Note: Zombies have a unique way to access equipment and the choice of Loadout unveils a treasure trove of Zombies-specific ordnance.

Want more information on Zombies in MWIII? We’ve got you covered here and here!

The Vestment of Victory: An Array of Vests (MP Only)

The Vest you choose is more than just a shield; it’s a statement of your tactical persona. Each Vest, be it the Infantry Vest for the relentless, the Engineer Vest for the precise, or the Gunner Vest for the formidable, brings a unique blend of capabilities to the table.

  • Infantry Vest: A standard-issue for the mobile infantry, enhancing Tac Sprint duration and cutting down its refresh time.
  • Engineer Vest: A haven for those who seek to counter equipment and explosives with a keen eye.
  • Gunner Vest: A choice for the weapon aficionados. Here max ammo and improved reload speed are the orders of the day.

Want to learn more about Vests in MWIII? We’ve got you covered with our in-depth article on Vests in MWIII.

Loadouts Modern Warfare III

… and the list goes on, each vest a narrative of a different tactical doctrine.

The Touch of Tactics: Gloves, Boots, and Gear (MP Only)

The choice of Vests is just the prologue. The tactical narrative extends to Gloves, Boots, and Gear. Each choice here is a thread in the fabric of your Loadout, defining how swiftly you switch weapons, how silently you move, or how effectively you interact with your arsenal.

Gear and vest Modern Warfare III Loadout

The Arsenal Awaits: Tacticals, Lethals, and Field Upgrades (MP, MWZ)

As you delve deeper, the realm of Tacticals, Lethals, and Field Upgrades unfolds, each a key to unlock a different dimension of combat prowess. Whether it’s the menace of a Frag Grenade, the tactical advantage of a Heartbeat Sensor, or the aerial dominance of a Chopper Gunner. Each piece of equipment is a note in the symphony of destruction that awaits the battlefield.

Reaping Rewards: Killstreaks and Scorestreaks (MP, MWZ)

As the adage goes, to the victor belong the spoils. Racking up Killstreaks or accumulating Scorestreaks in MWIII is more than just a tally of your prowess. It’s a gateway to unleash formidable capabilities. Be it a UAV for reconnaissance or the terrifying Juggernaut for an onslaught, each streak is a step towards asserting dominance over the battleground.

Want to know what modes are coming to MWIII? Or maybe you’d like to see what maps are coming at launch.


Modern Warfare III beckons the tactician, the strategist, and the warrior in you. With a plethora of equipment waiting to be unlocked and mastered, every choice you make is a step towards becoming a legend on the battlefield. So, gear up and step into a world where every Loadout is a narrative of victory waiting to be written.



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