Optimising Your Stream Titles and Thumbnails for Increased Visibility

24 August 2023

Published: 24th August 8:45PM

Crafting compelling stream titles and thumbnails is crucial for drawing in viewers from platform browse pages and search results. Implement these tips to create eye-catching and effective titles and thumbnails that boost your visibility.

Use Keyword Research

Youtube Keyword research tool

Research keywords and phrases viewers are searching for related to your content. Strategically incorporate relevant terms into your titles without overstuffing. Youtube has its own keyword research option for content creators (see above)

This helps surface your stream to viewers seeking that content specifically. But ensure natural wording.

Ask Questions

Neon Question mark

Titles phrased as intriguing questions grab attention and induce clicks by sparking curiosity.

For example, “Beating Minecraft’s Ender Dragon Blindfolded – Will I Survive?”

List Benefits

Rather than generic titles, specify the value viewers will get, like “Beating Bosses Faster With These 3 Combat Tips” or “Hilarious Multiplayer Moments With Friends!”

This establishes your stream as worthwhile.

Use Viewer’s Name

Including “You” or “Your” makes viewers feel a personal connection.

For example, “How You Can Build a Mansion in Minecraft Survival Mode.”

Keep It Short

Long rambling titles fail to captivate. Keep titles under 60 characters to ensure full visibility across platforms and devices without cutting off.

Stand Out With Stylization

Strategically capitalise letters, incorporate emoticons, ellipses, or symbols to stylize. BUT don’t overdo it.

For example, “Noobs vs PROS!? WHO Will Win This 1v1!? 😱”

Feature Your Personality

Let your unique personality and sense of humour shine through. This builds an authentic brand and connection.

Just avoid clickbait or misleading viewers.

Refine and Test

Try multiple title variants when live and analyze your analytics to see which perform best. Refine over time. Thumbnails follow similar principles.

Optimised titles and thumbnails make streams impossible to scroll past. Now get out there and implement these tips! Your viewers are waiting. If you are looking for more tips to keep improving yourself as a streamer and your streams for your viewer, check out our guide to Using Analytics to Improve Your Streaming Strategy.

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